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Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Nashville, TN

Adhesive Capsulitis Treatment

Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is a condition in which the shoulder becomes very stiff and painful. It becomes difficult to place the arm in certain positions, and pain is a common feature. If you’re experiencing symptoms of frozen shoulder, you may be feeling a constant, dull, toothache type of pain deep in the shoulder.

At Pinnacle Surgical Orthopedics, Dr. Kaminsky and Dr. Baxter specialize in treating and diagnosing frozen shoulders with the latest techniques, such as physical therapy and arthroscopic surgery. Depending on your individual condition, our surgeons will recommend a treatment plan that is best suited to address your particular needs. With their expertise, you can expect to get back to an active life free from the pain and limitations of adhesive capsulitis.

If you're ready to take the first step towards a pain-free future with the best shoulder specialist Nashville, TN has to offer, schedule an appointment with us today. We can provide you with the best treatment for your condition and get you back to living life on your terms.

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Treatments for Frozen Shoulder  

Diagnosis & Treatment of Adhesive Capsulitis

At Pinnacle, we believe the best treatment for frozen shoulder is one aimed at improving motion and alleviating pain. Frozen shoulder physical therapy is often an integral part of treatment. Most patients should consider working with a therapist on a routine basis. Typically, as the motion or mobility of the shoulder improves, pain also improves.

Most patients respond well to a stretching program and the condition resolves. It is unlikely for the problem to reoccur. Cortisone injections or medicine for frozen shoulder can also provide some temporary relief.

Frozen shoulder surgery is reserved for those patients who do not respond to time and treatment. Patients who elect to have adhesive capsulitis surgery do so because of the continuing symptoms and the difficulty of trying to perform everyday activities with pain.

For those who do need surgery, Dr. Kaminsky and Dr. Baxter recommend arthroscopic surgery, in which a scope and small instruments are inserted into the shoulder joint to more precisely remove the tightened tissue and evaluate the remainder of the shoulder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes adhesive capsulitis?

Adhesive capsulitis is caused by a decrease in the normal range of motion of the shoulder due to scarring or inflammation in the joint capsule. This can be caused by an injury, repetitive motions, aging, or even diabetes. However, this problem often occurs without an injury and can persist for months or longer. 

If I have surgery for frozen shoulder, will I still need physical therapy?

Yes. Physical therapy is an important part of your recovery, and will still be required after surgery to maintain the improvements obtained at the time of surgery and to avoid recurrent stiffness.

Does your frozen shoulder doctor accept insurance?

Yes! The team at Pinnacle Surgical Orthopedics accepts insurance from a wide range of providers across the Greater Nashville area. To learn more about our list of accepted providers, visit our Insurance page here on the website.

How can I get started with the best shoulder surgeon near me?

At Pinnacle, we make it easy to get started on your road to recovery. Just use our online tool to request an appointment, and we’ll schedule you as quickly as we possibly can.

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