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Shoulder Pain

As the most flexible joint in the human body, the shoulder is highly vulnerable to pain and injury from numerous causes. Shoulder pain can range from mild discomfort to severe debilitating pain, and can affect daily activities if left untreated.

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Main holding his shoulder in pain

Shoulder Bursitis

Shoulder bursitis, impingement syndrome, and rotator cuff tendonitis are different names used to describe the same problem. The shoulder bursa is a smooth layer between the rotator cuff tendons and the bones that lie on top of them. Anything that injures or irritates the rotator cuff will cause inflammation of the bursa, which is then called bursitis.

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Woman holding her shoulder in pain

Rotator Cuff Tear

The rotator cuff is a series of four tendons deep in the shoulder that hold the ball into the socket and provide power and strength for the arm when reaching in the outstretched and overhead positions. When these tendons become torn, it can result in a painful rotator cuff tear that causes you severe pain and loss of mobility.

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Baseball player throwing a pitch

Frozen Shoulder / Adhesive Capsulitis

Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is a condition in which the shoulder becomes very stiff and painful. It becomes difficult to place the arm in certain positions, and pain is a common feature. If you’re experiencing symptoms of frozen shoulder, you may be feeling a constant, dull, toothache type of pain deep in the shoulder.

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Woman with her shoulder locked in place

Labral Tears

The labrum is the cartilage that encircles the glenoid, or shoulder socket. The labrum serves as attachment points for ligaments of the shoulder, provides stability to the shoulder joint, and anchors the biceps tendon. When this area becomes injured, the shoulder may become unstable, and a labral tear can occur. 

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Man looking at his shoulder

Shoulder Instability / Dislocation

Instability of the shoulder joint can be due to several causes. A common reason for an unstable shoulder occurs after a shoulder dislocation. When the ball dislocates from the shoulder joint, ligaments may tear and the lining of the shoulder joint – the capsule – stretches and cannot hold the shoulder joint in place. The ligament tear is often called a Bankart lesion.

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Man with dislocated shoulder

Tennis Elbow

You may have heard of "tennis elbow," but don't know what it is or how to treat it. Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is an overuse injury that causes pain in the elbow and nearby muscles. It is most commonly caused by repetitive activities such as tennis, but can affect anyone who engages in repetitive motions of the wrist and forearm.

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Tennis player with an elbow injury

Elbow Arthritis

Elbow arthritis is a condition caused by wear and tear of the elbow joint causing pain, swelling, and stiffness. It can occur due to age, overuse, or injury and can be particularly painful for those struggling with it. At Pinnacle Surgical Orthopedics, we understand the complexities of elbow arthritis and have years of experience in treating this condition.

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Elbow of a patient with arthritis

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