Treatments For Acne Scars Shoulder replacements have long been considered invasive procedures that require long and difficult recoveries. For some patients, this leads them to postpone or even forego shoulder replacement surgery, even if a total shoulder replacement could make a major difference in their quality of life.

However, recent advances in shoulder replacement technology are making it possible for patients to have more permanent relief from shoulder pain with quicker recovery times. The Enovis SMR shoulder offers patients a minimally-invasive shoulder replacement procedure, faster recovery times, and natural movement after the fact.

Dr. Sean Kaminsky of Pinnacle Surgical Orthopedics in Nashville, TN is specially trained and experienced in using the SMR shoulder to perform minimally-invasive shoulder replacement surgery. Combining this leading-edge technology with his years of experience performing shoulder replacements, Dr. Kaminsky has been able to give patients a new lease on life with the SMR shoulder.

From its design to its benefits, here are some important things to know about shoulder replacement surgery with the SMR shoulder joint:

How the SMR Shoulder Joint Works

The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint, meaning that the “ball” end of the humeral head (upper arm bone) fits into a “socket” in the scapula (shoulder blade). The SMR shoulder joint, like other shoulder joint replacement technologies, works by replacing both of these components with a prosthetic ball and socket joint.

However, unlike other shoulder replacements, the SMR shoulder is a modular implant system that allows surgeons to tailor the implant to the specific needs and anatomy of each patient. It has several components that can be mixed and matched, including:

  • A humeral stem
  • A glenoid baseplate
  • A variety of head sizes and materials

These key features allow surgeons like Dr. Kaminsky to offer patients a much more tailored and precise shoulder replacement surgery than he could with traditional shoulder replacement surgery systems. The result is less pain and rehab time after the procedure and a quicker return to everyday activities and sports.

How the SMR Shoulder is Used in Surgery

The SMR shoulder is used in patients who require total shoulder replacement due to degenerative joint disease, rotator cuff arthropathy, or shoulder arthritis. It can also be used in patients who require revision surgery after a previous failed joint replacement surgery.

Here's shoulder replacement surgery at Pinnacle Surgical Orthopedics works:

  • First, Dr. Kaminsky will make an incision in the shoulder to access the joint. Then, they will remove any damaged parts of the joint and prepare the area for implantation. 
  • The modular components of the SMR are then inserted into place before being secured with screws or cement to ensure proper alignment and stability. 
  • Finally, the incision is closed and the patient begins their recovery.

Dr. Kaminsky has extensive experience using this implant for total shoulder replacement surgery, and he can select the components that will work best for each patient. The modular design allows for intraoperative flexibility, which can lead to a better surgical outcome for shoulder replacements.

Benefits of the SMR Shoulder

  • Customizable Design

    One of the biggest benefits of the SMR shoulder is its ability to be customized. With its modular design, Dr. Kaminsky can select the components that will work best for each patient's individual needs. This can lead to a better fit and a more stable shoulder replacement implant. These components are also interchangeable, which can be helpful if a patient needs a revision procedure in the future.

  • Superior Integration With Your Body

    The SMR shoulder replacement is designed to integrate smoothly with your bone and surrounding muscles and tissues. The patented, 3D-printed structure of the SMR’s components is designed to mimic the natural anatomy of the shoulder, which can lead to a more natural-feeling replacement and range of motion.

  • Long-Term Success Rate

    The SMR shoulder has a high long-term success rate for total shoulder replacement patients. This means that if you opt for total shoulder replacement, you can expect the implant to last for many years.

Visit Your Top Shoulder Replacement Specialist in Nashville

If you have shoulder pain to degenerative joint disease or previous failed joint replacement surgery, total shoulder replacement with the SMR may be an option for you.

At Pinnacle Orthopedic Specialists, Dr. Kaminsky is an experienced shoulder surgeon and has successfully used the SMR shoulder for shoulder replacement on countless patients. He is committed to providing his patients with the best possible outcome and can personally attest to the success of this implant system.

If you're ready to get started on your road to recovery, don't wait another day. Request your first appointment with Dr. Kaminsky and the team at Pinnacle Surgical Orthopedics today.